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Waste Managament

Union Corner co. undertake a major waste disposal services in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

Union Corner co. has been making continuous growth ever since with diversified industrial services and areas of operation to meet the specialized needs of the growing Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Power and other Industrial Sectors.


Today Union Corner co. is active throughout the Saudi Arabia offering a full spectrum of Industrial and Environmental Services and having Offices established in Saudi Arabia .

Union Corner co. has provided waste Management services from the company’s inception. Union Corner co. believe that all wastes have to be uplifted, transported and disposed of safely and in a way that complies with appropriate legislation and causes no harm to the environment.


Union Corner co. currently provides waste management services to the power, water, oil, petrochemical, Industrial, construction, residential and commercial sectors from three strategic locations through out the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Dry Waste Collection

Waste containers in sizes from 1.1 cu m to 20 cu m are available, with compactors, skip luggers and hook loaders all part of the Union corner co. fleet. Union corner co. will also look to carry out site waste Audits and provide advice to clients on how to best manage their waste on site.

Liquid Waste Collection

Union corner co. operates an extensive fleet of tankers and vacuum tankers with capacities ranging from 3000 to 6000 US Gallons. This fleet allows fort the collection and transportation of sewage sludge.​

Portable Toilet Hire and Services

The supply and service of portable toilets to construction sites, manufacturing sites and remote areas. Services include effluent removal, cleaning and disinfection and replacement of chemical charge. This service is provided using purpose built vehicles.

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