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Your Partner in 
Building the Empire.


Union Corner co.Ltd. established to provide comprehensive industrial service to cater to the ever-growing demands of oil, Gas Petrochemical Companies.


Our main objective is to be regarded as the most reliable solution by our clients in terms of immediate response and effectiveness as well as the greatest added value in their services. Union Corner co. maintains An excellent customer services network, guaranteeing each client fast and comprehensive service

Union Corner co.Ltd.'s aim is to provide our clients with outstanding service, Value, and quality. We will continue to achieve this goal through a total commitment to exceed the client's expectation of personal attention, dedication, and just plain hard work

Our success depends on a skilled and committed management team throughout our organization supported by the industry’s best technology,equipment, and technical support. We recognize that our success ultimately is a result of our customer's trust and confidence, which is earned through continuing outstanding service. We have always accepted challenging opportunities and this is an indication of long-term confidence in our expertise and quality of contracting services.



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